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Vatican Chimes in on Climate Change

Now even the Pope is involved.  The UN and the Vatican have thrown their hat into the ring on climate change.  Pulling out all the stops now.  The full story here;  

A Noted Physicist Speaks Out

Here is a trusted and respected physicist speaking out against the global warming issue. He is William Happer a professor from Princeton University. ”Master Resource – A free market energy blog” “The Costly, False, Futile Climate Crusade” By William Happer — January 22, 2015 “Policies to ‘stop climate change’ are based on climate models that Read more »

Global Warming has everything wrong

Following the global warmers could be disastrous to your well being. Listening to a group that could be wrong might just leave you doing the wrong things and making the wrong plans. What are they basing their opinions on…..what is the science behind their forecast ? Have you taken the time to investigate this topic Read more »


After a long in depth research project that first started with a longer term look at some investments, I found out there are some serious changes coming both in the weather but also the economy. Demographics have the “Baby Boomers” which is a large (and getting larger) portion of the population entering the retirement age. Read more »

Forewarned is Forearmed

Its not often that the public gets warned about an upcoming event that can have drastic implications for the people of planet Earth. Usually it’s too late by the time most find out. This time it’s different. Examining all the good science available on the subject has led to a shocking discovery. I was just Read more »

Can we really trust the governments take on global warming ?

The Government has put us 19 trillion dollars in debt. They can not balance their checkbook. Many jobs have left the country to never return again. The real employment rate is much higher than official figures. Politicians seem more interested in the large corporations than the general public. Maybe they are wrong about global warming….can Read more »

You can’t afford not to read this book.

Its been said before and it will be said again but this book is a MUST READ. This the most serious topic that exists today and will be relevant for the next 30 years. Major changes are underway in the climate. Changes that will effect you and your family. The consequences are drastic and you Read more »