The New Ice Age 

By: Scott Yarbrough

Climate change is a difficult problem and has plagued us for years.  In The New Ice Age, author Scott Yarbrough tells the truth about dark changes ahead for us; and why the Sun plays such a big part in the changes we are seeing even today.  In The New Ice Age, Yarbrough  explains why a decrease in the Sun’s activity has started to lead us into a record breaking cooling trend across the  world. He explains why this cooling trend is important and what dangerous and horrific events can be in store for us as citizens of the world.

 In The New Ice Age, Yarbrough shows you :                                               

– Why the climate shift is happening

– How long it has been happening

– What an average person can expect as the shift continues

– How the average person can prepare to weather the shift

– How the average person can profit from the shift


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About Scott


The early part of Scott’s career was spent as a Stock and Commodity broker. During this time, research became a major facet in his life. He spent a lot of time endeavoring to understand some of the big questions: Why did things work the way they do? What made prices in the investment markets go up and down? Why was fear so prevalent for a few years and then would go away seemingly overnight?  What he learned was that everything ran in cycles. That there were natural paths that repeated over and over again.

Using this knowledge he turned to entrepreneurship, starting, running and building many companies before finally turning back to the investment sector.  He founded a nightly Commodity and Stock Market website, Market Highs and, which analyzed and reported on likely future directions of the markets.  Seeing the price of Natural Gas falling to near record lows caused him to research the likely trend of weather and how it was likely to effect Natural Gas in the future. What he found…..shocked him; and he realized that the results needed to be told to the world.  He is an instrument rated multi engine pilot of 40+ years. Pilots, as part of their training, have to learn meteorology. This book encompasses meteorology on a much grander scale. A scale that covers years and decades.

Our Readers





Dear Scott

Thanks for the copy of your new book. It is very well written, and accessible to people with little background in science or engineering.  Many professional scientists agree with you that solar influences on climate have been greatly underestimated.  I like the way you have educated yourself on many aspects of climate physics.  You have asked all the right questions and in many cases provided solid answers.  On a quick first read, I found little to criticize in the scientific parts.

Best wishes,


William Happer,  Professor of Physics,  Princeton University

Are we on our way to a new Little Ice Age? Scott Yarbrough in his new book “The New Ice Age” thinks so. If right it would be a major problem for our civilization. As documented in the book “The Little Ice Age” that occurred in the period 1300 -1850 was quite hard on people. Frost in the month of May began to occur with devastating consequences for crops, resulting in famine and death throughout the world. It is such a scenario that Scott Yarbrough fears for the future. The rationale behind this prediction is the result of decreasing solar activity. After having had the highest solar activity in 1000 years from around 1940 until the mid 1990’s, we are now moving towards a period of low solar activity, and since there historically has been a close relationship between climate and solar activity, Scott Yarbrough predicts a new Little Ice Age is imminent, and gives advice on how to deal with it. The book is well written and easy to follow, one can just hope that the prediction is wrong … but what if it is not?

Henrik Svensmark
Professor of Astrophysics
Technical University of Denmark
National Space Institute




A fun read filed with interesting research, The New Ice Age poses a viable alternative to global warming.  More than just an interesting read, this could be one of the most important books you read this year.
– Bill Artzberger, Troy MI

Book puts subject on the radar. Long overdue!


Scott Yarbrough tackles a technical subject with superb analysis with humor mixed in. Plenty of charts and other supplementary materials help readers get more than the “cold, hard facts” about a serious topic that doesn’t get talked about around the water cooler.

Timothy Smith   May 25

Fast and very informative read. Written in such a way that anyone can understand. I would highly recommend this book to everyone interested in changing weather patterns and ways to prepare for them.

Denise M         8-25

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